Weighbridge Conversions & Upgrades

If you are looking to convert your existing weighbridge setup to a modern, more reliable open-market system, Weighbridge Services can help.
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Modernise your Weighbridge

With our conversion service, your existing weighbridge, be it installed or waiting to be installed, can become a state-of-the-art tool for your business and includes all of the mod-cons in weighbridge operation. When integrating modern technology on to your weighbridge can open the possibility of having additional peripherals such as traffic lights, driver-operated systems, outdoor repeat displays and even remote-controlled and unmanned weighing systems.

We manufacture and supply weighbridge conversion kits, based on your existing weighbridge structure, that are easily installed and commissioned. This conversion kit can include new load cells, new weight display (indicator), new printer, new junction box and new cable. If any of your existing parts are deemed necessary then these can be simply maintained and used alongside our supplied equipment.

Converting an existing weighbridge can be, financially, a better option than buying new as you will not need to alter foundations or pay expensive delivery and installation costs for a new bridge. Our on site technicians utilise mobile workshop vehicles making it possible to undertake the conversion on-site, no expensive moving costs to bring back to our factory and back to site.

You can contact us for a free evaluation on wether your existing deck is suitable for a conversion before looking at new weighbridge options.

About our Conversion Kits

Our conversion kits can include:

  • New Load cells (to replace your existing or replace for modernised parts)
  • New Touchscreen indicator weight display
  • New weighbridge ticket printer and/or thermal slip ticket printers
  • New Junction box & cables
  • New Driver-operated terminals with unmanned capabilities
  • New Outdoor displays for remote viewing of weights
  • Additional USB, Ethernet, bluetooth, radio & Wifi capabilities 

Digital Touchscreen Weight Displays

Our digital touchscreen indicators can be customised to meet your needs and can be set to use single-button pushes, or to use full databases of customer details, materials, vehicles and suppliers. Integration with this piece of technology is a significant yet easy upgrade that streamlines the whole weighing process.  

Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Load Cells

Our ball bearing load cells are designed for maximum stability and strength. By using rectangular block load cells (rather than the traditional canister-shaped) and a heavy duty, compression ball bearing the load cell is stronger, more reliable, easier to maintain and less prone to damage by external forces.

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Weighbridge Conversions & Upgrades


Weighbridge Services Ltd. is an independent, family-run specialist provider of services for the road and rail weighing sector. We understand the modern weighing requirements of businesses, and offer a one-stop shop for all weighbridge-related solutions. We can supply and install your conversion kit, while also training your staff on the operation of your new modernised weighbridge.

Our team of expert engineers and consultants offer a range of services, from weighbridge conversions and upgrades to regular maintenance and calibration. Get in touch with our Sheffield headquarters today to find out how we can help you. Give us a call on +44 (0)114 321 6364 or email us using the form below.  

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We deliver anywhere on the UK Mainland.

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