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TrainWeigh is a subsidiary of Weighbridge Services Ltd, an independent, family-run provider of rail weighing solutions. With over 30 years of experience in the rail weighing sector all over the world, our engineers can provide you with a weighing solution that fits your needs.

We provide consultancy, delivery and installation of a wide range of rail weighing systems. With happy customers across the UK, Asia, the Middle East and more, we provide an end-to-end solution to your weighing requirements.

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Our Systems

Portable Train Weighing
(AX Series)
Fully mobile and takes minutes to install onto virtually any track in the world.
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In-Motion Train Weighing
This system is at the forefront of dynamic weighing, with systems installed worldwide.
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Bogie Weighing
(BW Series)
The BW Series (Bogie Weighing) provides cost-effective, highly accurate readouts.
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Why Choose Us

Why Choose TrainWeigh?

We are an independent supplier
of a range of rail-weighing services
Over 30 years of experience
in the weighing industry
Specialists in train weighing
consultancy and installation
Customers across the UK,
Asia, Europe and more
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