TrainWeigh to Appear at Asia Pacific Rail 2024

Posted: April 24, 2024


TrainWeigh will be showcasing a range of rail weighing solutions at Asia Pacific Rail 2024

'The Future of Rail in Asia' event will be kicking off in Bangkok, Thailand on the 29th and 30th of May 2024. The event will include a conference with many guest speakers from the industry, alongside a huge exhibition featuring the latest in weighing technology from many great companies around the world, including TrainWeigh. 

At APR 2024, Trainweigh will be showcasing a wide range of rail weighing solutions:

The Trainweigh range of products are designed for application onto any rail in Workshop, Depots, Sidings or the Network Infrastructure.

AX Series - Fully Portable, Easy Setup, Wired or Wireless System

  • Precise measurement of individual wheel & Axle weights.
  • Show wheel imbalance problems, assist preventing derailment, wheel flat spots and brake lock ups.
  • Prevent increased wear to rail vehicles & infrastructure
  • Improve Safety and ensure product weights are correct for delivery to your customer. EN-15654

WIM - High Speed and Low Speed Weighing

  • Sensor system that connects directly to existing rail
  • Used as Train Detection System - Wheel Flat Detection- Train Classification Recognition System - Dynamic Weighing System

Force D.P.S  - Derailment Protection System 

  • The ability to perform a high accuracy dynamic wheel force measurement test.
  • Automatic detection of discrepancies in forces or balance. Alarmed, failsafe system
  • Constant & automated rail fleet safety monitoring system

TrainWeigh will showcase all of this and more at the Future of Rail in Asia Exhibition in Bangkok, on the 29th and 30th of May 2024.

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